At ALTERLIFE we do not attempt to give you another diet – diet, to give you a magical recipe that you will follow more or less strictly. Our goal is to train you to think about eating correctly. To raise in your consciousness the importance of getting the right nutrients and not just the nutrients that your body really needs to function properly in the process of meeting your fitness goals.

In this effort we have the ideal ally – DELTA, the leading Greek company that has been producing innovative fresh products of excellent quality and high nutritional value for 65 years, with priority given to the needs of the consumers, in the context of the healthy nutrition it has been advocating for a long time. In the context of Well – Being, exercise and nutrition should be an integral part of your daily routine.

Mind the Food

I want to try

Mind the Food by DELTA and give my nutrition the attention it deserves!

Delta’s wide range of product options make it easy to improve your diet by making many small and enjoyable meals at the same time each day.

  • Life Super Fruit Juice range, with 4 distinct flavors and properties such as detox, balance, uplift, energize
  • The Vitaline go nuts and grains range, yogurt desserts with all the fruits of protein, cereals, oats and super foods.
  • Milko protein products, with 26 grams of protein and reduced sugar always with the wonderful chocolate flavor of Milko, but also
  • Delta’s range of herbal beverages, in 5 delicious flavors, low in fat and calories and antioxidant, with no added colorings or preservatives, enriched with calcium and vitamins.

I want to try Mind the Food by DELTA and give my nutrition the attention it deserves!

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