Alterlife means alternative-new life, it originates the transition to a new status where physical pain, low esteem, lack of confidence and all those limitations that prevent you from fulfilling your dreams no longer exist. In ALTERLIFE you change your philosophy, your priorities, your attitude towards your body, yourself, towards life.
ALTERLIFE – give your body all the attention it deserves.
Our mission is to help our fellow citizens incorporate physical exercise and its valuable benefits in their lifestyle, thus maximizing the percentage of those who intentionally and consciously deal with any kind of physical activity.
To help our members meet their fitness goals and to record their achievements
To offer in our members the ALTERLIFE FITNESS EXCELLENCE EXPERIENCE in every single training session
To be hospitable and extrovert and treat our members as VIPs
To enhance the “image and perception” of fitness services and fitness industry in Greek and Cypriot citizens
To have full control of our operating and management system in order to be able to constantly improve it

Reassuring that our members will execute a workout properly is just a small part of our job. We listen at each one of you, we feel your anxiety, we understand your unique needs, in order to fuel you up with energy and transmit our unlimited passion for fitness. We are passionately looking forward to meet you in our 38 Clubs in Greece and Cyprus, to drag you with our immense energy and introduce you to the magic world of physical exercise. We will not give up until all your fitness goals are fulfilled.